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Aaron Walker-Loud
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Aaron Walker-Loud is an artist, band director, composer, producer and educator. He is the founder and director of Big World Breaks (a production company built for performance, studio and education), that has shared stages with Janelle Monae, Kool DJ Red Alert, Digable Planets, DJ Qbert, Macklemore, Reggie Watts, Saul Williams and many more. B.W.B. has also produced live show backing for various artists such as: Grammy Nominated vocalists Wayna and Rocky Dawuni, Sy Smith, Zo!, Dynamq, Choklate, Kimberly Nichole, Massive Monkees and Xperience. Born in the Central District, Aaron is a proud alum of the CD Music Factory: the Washington Middle School Jazz Ensemble (directed by Mr. Robert Knatt), and the Garfield High School Jazz Ensemble (directed by Mr. Clarence Acox). Walker-Loud began working with youth and families in 1999, eventually becoming the Education Director for Seattle JazzED (2010-2016) and a teaching artist for Arts Corps (2008-present). Most recently Walker-Loud became a member of the Creative Advantage roster, co-founded 50 Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide in 2012, founded the award-winning intergenerational BWB Drumline in 2015 and co-curated The Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop exhibit at MOHAI (with over 31,000 attendees and 20 co-produced events), which won the 2016 American Association of State and Local History Leadership in History Award.

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3011 Beacon Ave S. #10
Address 2

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Pre-K, K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Music: Percussion, Song Writing / Composition / Digital Production, Cultural Anthropology, Ensemble Development, Performance, Audio Recording, Project Management, Business, Event Production, Promotion / Marketing, Intergenerational Collaboration, Family Empowerment Digital/Media Arts: Muliti-Media Production, Project Management, Promotion / Marketing
Digital/Media Arts, Music, Event Performance, Promotion and Production


Previous School Partnerships
Educational Courses and Residencies: Leschi Elementary School (2004-2016), Washington Middle School (2008-2016 / 2019-Present), Arts Corps (2008-Present), Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (2008-2009 / 2019-Present), Seattle JazzED (2010-2017), Nurturing Knowledge Schools (2011-2014), Aki Kurose Middle School (2011-2017), O’Dea High School (2012-2018), Roosevelt High School (2014-2015), BWB Drumline (2015-Present), Yesler Terrace YTP / Bailey Gatzert (2015-Present), South Shore PK-8 (2017-Present), Madrona Elementary School (2017-2018), Spruce Street (2017-Present), Interagency Academy (2017-Present), Meany Middle School (2017-Present), Madison Middle School (2018-Present), Seattle World School (2018-Present), Nathan Hale High School (2019)
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Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

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Approved Classroom Residency Provider
Experience with English Language Learners
Experience with Students in Special Education

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Cultural Art

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Teaching Philosophy + Approach
Without helping our students genuinely trust that we care about their present well-being and their pending future, we cannot expect them to trust our curriculum. Without helping our students to lose their fear of making mistakes or asking for support, we are not empowering them to learn. By learning what truly drives our students to push forward in the larger context of their unique academic, creative, social, professional and emotional goals, we can become more effective educators for them. Through pushing ourselves as educators to become better at our craft, to engage in learning opportunities, to show our students that we are driven by passion and willing to take risks in our own growth, we will lead by example and inspire our students on a deeper level. By being diplomatically honest about our own short-comings and imperfections in the process of our teaching, we will gain more trust from our students, and they will begin to embrace their own imperfections as well. By clearly establishing a standard of genuine respect for adults and students from day one, and never letting that standard drop, our students will be able to learn in a more productive, positive and healthy environment.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
For integrated residencies, I can pair my work with the following subjects: dance, poetry, creative writing, math, history, social studies, language arts, journalism, foreign language, multi-media arts, career planning, social justice, cultural studies, health, technology, business, physical education, drama / theater and music
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
With an expanding repertoire of original works, multi-media and cultural anthropology productions, workshops, award-winning residencies and curriculum commissioned for various arts and education entities; Walker-Loud and the Big World Breaks family remain committed to learning from and empowering youth, families and community members who are most negatively impacted by institutional racism, economic oppression, bigotry, xenophobia and nationalism.
Testimonials from Schools
“In Meany’s BWB Drumline, I've made friends with people I had never talked to before. I have become more open to improvising than I used to, and it has really helped me with my people skills. Being in it has helped me to voice my opinion and to be heard, and it is a great family to be a part of.” - RaNiyah (member of Meany’s BWB Drumline)   “Meany Middle School reopened in the Fall of 2017. The first partnership that was built was with Aaron Walker-Loud and Big World Breaks. It has been an amazing musical journey in these two short years! The first year we won the BDX Drumline competition at Garfield High School. The second year, the drumline performed for the Seattle School Board meeting and was received so favorably that they were requested to perform at the School Board’s annual retreat at the beginning of our 3rd year. Meany students are naturally musically talented but, under the guidance of Mr. Walker-Loud’s musical genius those abilities are unbelievable.” - Chanda E. Oatis (Principal: Meany Middle School)   "I have been working with Aaron Walker-Loud and Big World Breaks on community music projects for over 10 years. Each time I have the pleasure to be associated with BWB I walk away a better educator and musician. Always looking forward to getting a call from AWL." - Tony Sodano (Assistant Director: Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline / Director: Garfield High School Bands and Drumline 2007-2018 / Seattle-based musician)   “Aaron Walker-Loud and Big World Breaks have provided high quality and authentic music enrichment to my extended learning programs for over 4 years. Aaron is highly engaging, holds high expectations for scholars, and is incredibly responsive to our programmatic goals and the needs of our community. As a master teaching artist, Aaron and his BWB collaborators have established themselves as a trusted favorite within our school community; throughout the larger Central District and beyond.” - Jaycee Coleman (Bailey Gatzert Site Manager: SU: Center for Community Engagement)   “In all matters relating to Aaron Walker-Loud (director of Big World Breaks), the person, his endeavors, his commitment to mentoring, and most of all, his vision, places value on his leadership. His contributions have earned my respect and that of the youth education community… The positive impact Aaron has had on the youth he comes in contact with is felt throughout the community. I wholeheartedly endorse Aaron Walker-Loud. He is a proven administrator and has earned confidence and respect from the community at large.” - Dr. Julian A. Priester   “Working with BWB Drumline has always been a positive and uplifting experience. This is a safe space for our youth to learn and create. We enjoy being a part of the BWB family!” - Shawna Dennard (Seattle-based musician / mother of BWB Drumline member)   “The work done by Mr. Walker-Loud (director of Big World Breaks) is in perfect alignment with our mission. He builds community through the arts, uses music to elevate and amplify the voices of marginalized people, and he honors the history and legacy of those that came before while helping his students create the future they want to live in. I have seen the way Mr. Walker-Loud fosters leadership in his students while holding them accountable to each other and to themselves. Working across generations with BWB’s programming takes that accountability to the next level, not pointing to problems within this group or that, but bringing all folks together to problem solve, to collaborate, and to create together. That’s just the way we need to address many of the issues that face us.” - Aaron Counts (Co-Director / Lead Engagement Artist: Creative Justice)   “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aaron (director of Big World Breaks) since 2012... He is without question one of the strongest teachers/teaching artists I’ve met because he makes such great relationships with kids, his content knowledge is second to none, and he is passionate about teaching all students in a very diverse environment of learners while meeting a variety of student needs. His work includes leveraging the arts and arts education while addressing institutional racism in our communities. He gives students a voice to share their experiences while being part of a team that helps them celebrate new common experiences as well. Aaron has a very professional, yet conversational style and really gets to know his students. He leads great discussions and has students excited to talk about music and history. He’s familiar and effective working with a diverse group of learners in a low-income neighborhood. He also brings a professional background of being a producer and musician into our classroom, which leads to a much deeper understanding of our local history and music told through the lens of somebody who has studied it and been a part of it as opposed to somebody who just read about it in a text.” - Mike Kreiger (Educator: Aki Kurose Middle School / Madison Middle School)   “Being a part of Big World Breaks in my teenage years laid the foundation for exploration through sound as well as enrichment through different cultures. Taking lessons personally with Mr. Walker-Loud, as well as playing as a drummer with the BWB Drumline enhanced my overall skills as a musician and performer. I’m thankful for the service they provide to the community, along with the talent and high levels of musicality.”  - Upendo Moore (Member of BWB Drumline, Seattle-based musician) “It has been great to meet and know BWB Drumline director Aaron Walker Loud. Also I enjoy his continued support of working with all of the extremely gifted students who have the opportunity to work with Big World Breaks; who are truly dedicated and supportive. It has been an honor to witness Aaron who also has been a great mentor to our grandson Jordan, and a positive influence, especially in his formative years. BWB is doing great work in our community and the drumline program at Meany Middle School to keep music alive for our enjoyment. Please support Big World Breaks as they show great talent in the great Pacific Northwest.” - Carla Anderson (Seattle-based musician / grandmother of BWB Drumline member)




Image Description
Big World Breaks - Photo by Atuanya Priester
Image Description
3-7-20: Meany’s BWB Drumline wins 1st place (middle school division) at the Lincoln Invitational Drumline Festival (Tacoma, WA). - Photo by Andrew Imanaka
Image Description
5-19-18: Meany’s BWB Drumline wins 1st place (middle school division) at the 10th Annual BDX Drumline Competition at Garfield High School, the largest and most ground breaking drumline competition in the Northwest. - Photo by Jaylon Nazario
Image Description
July 1997 - Walker-Loud on the European tour with the Garfield High School Jazz Ensemble
Image Description
1984 in the CD: 12th Man before the 12th Man 🙂


Video Description
The first music video for Big World Breaks - released in 2012.
Video Description
Meany’s BWB Drumline is empowered by the "Beat Our Future" partnership between Big World Breaks and Meany Middle School, directed by Big World Breaks founder Aaron Walker-Loud, funded in part by The Creative Advantage and sponsored by Arts Corps.
Video Description
An online interactive experience including music from Seattle and Northwest Hip-Hop artists; featuring a short film by Avi Loud - presented by Big World Breaks & The Town Entertainment with The Seattle Center Cultural Programs and Festál.