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Book-It Repertory Theatre
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Book-It's Mainstage Mission: To transform great literature into great theatre through simple and sensitive productions and to inspire our audiences to read. Book-It's Arts & Education Mission: To provide an interactive relationship between youth and literature through diverse theatrical productions and educational programs that promote the joy of reading, enhance student and teacher learning, and inspire the imagination.

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Book-It Repertory Theatre
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305 Harrison St.
(206) 428-6265

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Grade Levels Preferred
Pre-K, K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Reader's Theatre Script Development Adaptation Narrative Theatre Story Drama
Literary Art or Spoken Word/Performance Poetry, Theater


Previous School Partnerships
Thurgood Marshall Elementary West Woodland Elementary Epiphany School St. Joseph School Bellevue School District Mercer Middle School Chief Sealth High School Eastlake High School Kamiak High School Middle College High School Rainier Beach High School Roosevelt High School
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Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

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Integrated Art
Cultural Art

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Book-It’s Arts and Education Program strives to motivate readers and non-readers to access text in a way that meets who they are, where they are, and excite them to read more. The program uses the Book-It Style, where fiction and non-fiction texts are brought to life through the characters, objects, and concepts written on the page. The Book-It Style helps students connect with books on multiple levels as they collaborate to ask questions, exchange ideas, and make meaning out of what they read, see, and hear—while being up on their feet. The program integrates theatre and literacy and is aligned with research-based reading instruction, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, and state standards in theatre. Each program is designed with the teacher to address specific fiction or non-fiction texts, content, academic standards, and students’ needs. Book-It will:
  • Develop a curriculum with the school and Teaching artist based on their budget and goals;
  • Collaborate on implementation with instruction, regular check-ins, and assessments;
  • Culminate the project in a wrap-up meeting and written reflection.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Book-It residencies make authentic connections with theatre and literacy so that students learn both. Students read text and explore their understanding through the creative process in theatre. Below are the types of residencies we offer and the key concepts, skills, and outcomes that address both literacy and theatre. Examples of Book-It Residencies:
  • Book-It Style Productions: 4 to 8 week programs: (Grades 3-12): a. Teaching artists adapt and direct students in a community performance of picture books or short stories; b. Teaching artists guide students as they adapt, direct, and stage short stories for a community performances
  • Classroom Projects with Selections of Text (Grades K-12): 1 to 4 week programs with texts that are in the curriculum
  • Page to Stage (Grades 6-12): 4-5 week program with poems adapted and staged for an audience
Key Concepts and Skills: character (physical and emotional life of the character), setting details, sequence, synthesis, character point of view or perspective, character motivation, "Purple Words" (essential words and phrases in a text), tableau, gesture, blocking, whole body expansion, objective, action, dramatic effects to enhance the storytelling and/or to show what's happening in the text (sound effects, repetition, choral voice, crescendo, etc.). Outcomes: read and re-read with a purpose, slow-down in reading, read closely, use evidence from the text to support artistic choices, dialogue with others, make mental pictures, problem solve areas of confusion in the text in order to adapt and stage, understand central theme and message of the text to inform artistic choices.  
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Literacy and learning scientist researchers have found that this type of curriculum is engaging for all students, and is particularly important for English language learners and for students who typically sit on the margins of classroom activities. Through the arts, students find a ‘voice’ and often, for the first time, a way to share their cultural and personal experiences. One researcher, in particular says, "The power of theater can be an equalizer in the classroom. The classes I observed were a mix of honors, regular, and special education students – but as students worked collaboratively in groups to create tableaux representing characters’ point of view in a piece of text, I couldn’t tell which students carried which labels. The Book-It teaching artists had all students fully engaged from the moment class started. Students worked hard to bring their text to life, negotiating and revising until they ran out of time."
Testimonials from Schools
Lori Douglas, Dean of Students, Chief Sealth High School Heather Griffin, 9th grade teacher, Chief Sealth High School Louis Allard, 2nd grade teacher, Adams Elementary Ruben VanKempen, Director of Theatre, Roosevelt High School  


Project Description: 12-Day Classroom Project. Teaching Artist (TA) introduces Book-It Style foundations with a short piece of text. TA and Teacher coach students to independently adapt and stage sections from selected texts for informal presentations - The Bill of Rights. TA makes 11 classroom visits & supports 1 performance. COST FOR THIS PROGRAM IS $900 - $1300 Project Description: Performance Residency. Teaching Artist (TA) adapts 3 stories and directs 3 classes in a full production for the school and community. TA works with 3 classrooms for 20 visits each, and manages the performance with school support. COST FOR THIS PROGRAM IS $4000 - $4500 Project Description: 15-Day Performance Residency. Teaching Artist (TA) introduces Book-It Style foundations and co-directs students with the classroom teacher for a performance. TA makes 14 classroom visits and 1 performance visit. COST FOR THIS PROGRAM IS $1100 - $1300 Project Description: 1-Week Classroom Residency. Teaching Artist (TA) works with social studies and language arts teachers to implement a week-long residency which uses the Book-It Style to explore literature from each class. Students will learn Book-It and theatre foundations like tableau, purple words, investigation, and point of view to represent their understanding of the texts. COST FOR THIS PROGRAM IS $400-$600


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Students Participating in an Adapt-It! Stage-It! Workshop at West Woodland Elementary
Image Description
Students playing Bibbidy-bibbidy-bop! as an ensemble building and listening exercise
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Students adapting their script at International Community School for a public performance
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Students warming up and starting their day at the week-long Book-It Summer Camp at the Edmonds Center for the Arts
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Bringing Books to life video (also available on our website) gives a complete overview of our arts and education programming.
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