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Seattle Chamber Music Society
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SCMS is the premiere chamber music organization in our region. We present 2 major festivals annually, and dozens of other performance and educational events, all related to chamber music. Our Chamber Music in the Classroom program facilitates teaching a chamber music unit to students in an orchestra or band class. SCMS defines “chamber music” as classical music performed without a conductor by 2-8 musicians where each musician has a distinct “part” (in contrast to a large ensemble where multiple musicians perform the same music at the same time). The nature of chamber music leads to a collaborative process of music-making. Instead of following the instructions of a teacher or conductor, students learn to make group decisions about many aspects of the music. Each student is responsible for their own musical part – without it the music will not work – but the piece only makes sense when everyone plays together. The need for active listening is critical, as students must pick up on non-verbal forms of communication that occur while they are playing together.

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10 Harrison St
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Suite 306

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Grade Levels Preferred
6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Classical Chamber Music (small ensemble, 2-8 players)


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Denny Middle School Hamilton Middle School Madison Middle School Mercer Middle School Whitman Middle School Ballard High School Chief Sealth High School Nathan Hale High School Roosevelt High School West Seattle High School
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Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Typically, we bring 4-6 Teaching Artists into a classroom for 3 or 4 sessions, either once or twice per week for a short period. However, our approach is to remain flexible, and our focus is on assisting the classroom teacher in ways that make the most sense for their particular students. We encourage teachers to advise and inform our plans, and we remain open to changes in the schedule and number of coaching sessions, style of music, or other aspects of our program. We rely on teachers to break their students into small ensembles based on skill level, personality, or other factors. We encourage teachers to choose musical repertoire themselves as they are best placed to know the ability and interests of their students, but we are able to provide suggestions or make assignments ourselves if the teacher does not have the time.
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Our teaching philosophy is informed by research and our many years of working with young musicians in Seattle. SCMS believes in the “Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students” published by the Yale School of Music in 2017. In particular, we support their call for all students to “have access to a robust and active music life,” (Tenet 1); our Chamber Music in the Classroom program also helps fulfill Tenet 7, which is a “call for strategic partnerships with local organizations to expand and enrich cities’ musical ecosystems.” We teach skills of active listening and group collaboration, in addition to improved musical knowledge and instrumental techniques. Our Teaching Artists facilitate hands-on learning, group decision-making, and collaboration - guiding students to come to their own conclusions about the music. We believe students should be given agency and their choices should direct their learning, and we know students need opportunities to practice skills in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to awaken a love for chamber music in students, leading them to be lifelong musical learners and participants. We believe our program also teaches life skills of communication and collaboration that are necessary for all people, regardless of their musical interest or ability.
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$200-$300 per session; fee is usually waived for public schools


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Teaching Artists (standing), work with students at Whitman Middle School.
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