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Carina A. del Rosario
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Born in the Philippines, Carina A. del Rosario immigrated to the United States as a young girl. She earned her B.A. in Communication from Santa Clara University in 1991. She has studied photography with Magnum Photographer Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Raul Touzon and Eddie Soloway, and a variety of visual arts media at Pratt Fine Arts, Cornish College of the Arts and other cultural institutions. In addition to her own creative and documentary projects, she is a teaching artist and helps youth use visual arts, writing and digital media to explore their communities, advocate for what matters for them, and express their own experiences. She partners with schools, community-based organizations and cultural institutions to help young people develop 21st century skills through engaging individual and collaborative art projects.

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del Rosario
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Grade Levels Preferred
3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Visual art: printmaking, collage, drawing, etc. Digital/media arts: photography and digital storytelling
Digital/Media Arts, Visual Art, Journalism/creative non-fiction


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I started my career as a journalist and photographer, with a desire to educate people about a range of issues. Integral to this was providing people a platform for telling their stories and connecting them to larger social issues. I began teaching middle and high school youth of color, immigrants and refugees how to do this for themselves. By learning how to operate a camera and use composition techniques, by learning research, interviewing and writing skills, they explore and think critically about the issues that matter to them, connect with their communities and communicate their discoveries in creative ways. I continue to study a range of visual art media. As a teaching artist, I share this passion for stretching and growing in new artistic ways with students, grades K through 12. I help them use various art processes as a vehicle for exploring emotions, ideas, experiences and dreams. This resonates for many students, especially the English-language learners with whom I have worked. While learning basic literacy skills, they are able to use visual language to communicate. The most exciting part of arts education is when I get to collaborate with others to integrate visual arts with other subjects, such as language arts, history and social science classes. Whatever the subject or grade level, I make a point to draw connections to students’ own experiences and interests.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
language arts history social science math
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
I especially enjoy and have a great deal of experience working with English-language learners.
Testimonials from Schools
Alison Yount, Chief Sealth High School, ELL World History teacher: Regan Pro, Seattle Art Museum: Hillary Moore, Arts Corps:


$60/hr class instruction; $25/hr planning (number of planning hours depends on activity and number of class sessions); plus supplies


Image Description
ELL students studying Greek and Roman mythology use mosaic to depict symbols important in their own culture.
Image Description
11th grade US history students learned message development, graphic design, drawing and mixed media collage to create culture jamming posters about Superfund environmental hazard sites.
Image Description
ELL language arts students learned how to draw a self-portrait using a grid and incorporate a poem about where they are from into the design.
Image Description
Students identified a theme to represent their diverse neighborhood and worked together to paint a bus mural.
Image Description
High school-age students participating in a summer program learned digital photography, editing and how to collaborate to curate an exhibition of their work.


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