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M (Matt) Fujimoto
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Youth in our design studios are training to see in greater depth. They’re beginning to see the thought and the unacceptable lack-of-thought exercised when we shape our communities. Students' increased vision enables them to evaluate their own and other’s sensibilities. Students' increased vision enables them to make more-informed decisions, treat each other with greater respect, and grow into deeper individuals. Please share my vision to invest in our youth and create societal change through the practice of teaching architecture. I live in the unceded territory of the Duwamish and Coast Salish in what is called Seattle, where my Chinese/Japanese-Born-American consciousness has long resided. In choosing to live here, I center my praxis on the eradication of White supremacism, dogmatic Eurocentric versions of architecture, the racism of "zoning practices", divestment from what is called the “criminal justice system", the rectification of land “ownership”, focusing on where we must invest the most – the advancement of Educational Justice. My grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s, working as merchants and farmers. My Japanese family incarcerated at Minidoka Concentration Camp; my Chinese family naturalized through US military service during World War II; I honor my heritage through my work.

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M (Matt)
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Fujimoto (he/they) 藤元正幸, 許錦璇
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Grade Levels Preferred

Grade Levels Preferred
6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

Artistic Disciplines

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN - Observation - Representation by means of line and tone, by model-making, by photographic image, by digital tools - Presentation by means of graphic and verbal communication. - Presentation by means of multi-dimensional composition, curation, spatial-experiential relation - Administration of proposal for service, project management, programming and analysis, use and code analysis, construction documentation, construction ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Content-oriented activities with target language - Content-oriented curriculum based in architectural design studio and field study settings
Architectural Design, English Language


Previous School Partnerships
I am honored to have joined: SEATTLE ARCHITECTURE FOUNDATION 2016, 2017 Creative Advantage teaching artist with the Seattle Architecture Foundation. Contracted for over 150 classroom-hours, over 100 students, in Out-of-School Time in Seattle Public Schools. Positions at Washington MS and Asa Mercer. *REMOTE* UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAMS ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES 2020 Delivered remote architectural design studio to a class of 30 youth attending from across the United States. Utilized video conferencing (Zoom) and class blog-style content sharing (Canvas). This session preludes a pilot program for 2021 Fall Quarter, a remote-offered iteration of the same course. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAMS ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES 2011-2019 Founding instructor of introductory design studio in the UW Summer Youth Programs. Contracted for over 1600 classroom-hours, over 200 students. Program planning, curriculum development, training of teaching assistants and co-teachers over the program’s nine consecutive summers. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON / KEIO UNIVERSITY English Language Programs 2015, 2016 English language instructor for Japanese students focused on environmental stewardship. English language curriculum integrated with architectural design studio, instructed over 70 people of diverse interests, age, and English language proficiency. Lessons centered on the living cultures and ecology of the Duwamish waterways and the first people of Seattle. Focused on the confluence of physical and psychological environments created by colonization, its effect on the ways we view the world, and its detrimental impact on BIPOC communities. Field study mixed with traditional EFL curriculum. NORTHWEST SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL CAMP 2017 Involved Seattle Urban Sketchers, ORA, Hybrid Architecture, Amazon tours.   I am honored to be currently planning: UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAMS ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES REMOTE FALL PILOT PROGRAM 2020 Delivering remote architectural design studio to a class of 30 youth attending from across the United States. Utilizing video conferencing (Zoom) and class blog-style content sharing (Canvas). JAPAN EXCHANGE AND TEACHING PROGRAM 2020-21 Proposing content-oriented English language instruction for Japanese middle school students through the teaching of architectural design. Proposed teaching placement on the Benesse Art Site, Naoshima.
Other Trainings or Certifications
- Licensed Architect in Washington State - University of Washington International Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification - University of Washington Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies

task 1.1

Each group is assigned a point of significance on the Henry Art Gallery Plaza.
Working in groups of 5, record the conditions of your site by making sketches and diagrams. Document the surroundings and context through orthographic and perspective drawings. Annotate select elements in your drawings in order to communicate scale. As a group, use these drawings to produce one drawing-model that represents your group’s assigned site. Use thoughtful drawing and modelling language to represent the conditions you have documented.
- conditions - drawing-model - orthographic - perspective - sketches - diagrams - context - annotate - scale  

“Architecture should be working on improving the environment of people in their homes, in their places of work, and their places of recreation. It should be functional and pleasant, not just in the image of the architect's ego.”

-Norma Merrick Sklarek

Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

Areas of Experience and Expertise

Approved Professional Development Provider
Approved Classroom Residency Provider
Experience with English Language Learners
Experience with Students in Special Education

Lesson Plan

Integrated Art
Cultural Art

Teaching Approach

Teaching Philosophy + Approach
*REMOTE* Teaching Philosophy + Approach The same teaching philosophies and approach I have for in-person settings apply in remote and mixed instruction. Here is an ongoing outline of experiences where humility and exuberance intersected, teaching and learning remotely:     Teaching Philosophies Every design and ESL studio should be grounded in the unique interests and synergies of the students, teaching team, and the oppressed histories of the communities in which each class is centered. I excel by observing each unique teaching environment and bringing together key allies from the architectural design and ESL teaching communities. I am keenly aware of the importance of thoughtful representation when interacting with youth. I want to collaborate with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary teams who choose to wield diversity as their leading asset. Design Approach I don't design products or provide design services to simply assist in the way we shape the world around us. We know that this can create and perpetuate classist, racist, ecologically destructive, inequitable, egregious outcomes. I do, however, thoroughly examine how things are structured, how resources are allocated, and how we may or may not have shaped our individual thinking by a greater collective spirit. Please share in my vision and work with me to create positive social change through the practice of architecture.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
- Ethnic Studies - Equity and Social Justice - American History and Current Issues - English Language Instruction - Ecology of the Pacific Northwest - Art, Art History, and Design - Photography - Mentorship, student interest in architecture and construction  
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
- Instruction in ESL classrooms - Curation, showcase, and exhibition of student artistic work. Organizing and promoting events within the Seattle art and architectural design community and online. All forms of media - Facilitation of student engagement with City of Seattle architectural design processes - Facilitation of student engagement with public calls for work from the architectural design community
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