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Cecelia Renee DeLeon
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Cecelia Deleon is a visual artist born and raised in Seattle, WA where she still lives and  works under the alias Mousy DeVilla. She studied Design at Cornish College of the Arts and ultimately decided to pursue fine arts to explore ChicanX and Pop culture. Devilla utilizes her design background to convey ideas through her 3D installations, paintings, and digital illustrations. Working from her South King County home, she creates evocative responses to the tensions of  ChicanX Culture and  current political and social conflicts of  the US. “My goal as a creative is to use the platform I’ve built and privilege I have, as a U.S born citizen to create more accessible art for the communities I work in and serve. It is important to have BlPOC Teaching Artists in these spaces so that our youth can see more representation that may not often be reflected in their communal spaces. When students have TAs that are passionate about what they do, they are planting a seed in the youth that can help them grow as young creatives, it nurtures their own passion that can turn into a lifelong love for the arts”.

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South King County

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3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Visual Art


Previous School Partnerships
Seahurst Elementary Hawthorne Elementary Shorewood Elementary Mt View Elementary New Futures Alcove - Southwest Family and Youth Services  
Other Trainings or Certifications
Public Art Boot Camp 2018 TAT LAB 2019- 2020  
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Description: What is something you are thankful for? Think of something that you’re happy to have in your life, even if it seems so small it most likely has a great significance and meaning for you. This could be anything such as a person, or an object. Why are you thankful for this thing or person?
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Approved Classroom Residency Provider
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Integrated Art
Cultural Art

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I started on this art path knowing that whatever the future held, I as an Artist, wanted to share my talents and bridge the gap that I’ve witnessed between how arts is absent from in school learning and curriculum. I’ve learned that not only do I want to continue this work so that this accessibility happens, I’ll have to strongly advocate for this as well. This passion is what drives me. For partnerships with schools,  I'll meet with an interested site, we'll discuss what type of art has been done with the students, their timeline, budget I need to work with and then I'll create the lesson plans. I create these LPs that meet the students where they are individually, something that is flexible that can tweaked as needed and appropriate for their grade. When the sessions begin, I do a lot of check ins and ice breakers to get the students to come out of their shells. I know they're engaging with the sessions when they're curious about what they're learning as we do the art. When there is an effort to create, that is how I know that the lesson has sparked their inner artist.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
COVID/Pandemic transitioning from being on site physically and transitioning to Zoom art sessions where art kits were prepared to a group of students prior to the lessons*
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*This can be discussed during a partnership meeting*


Image Description
This photo shows a finished collage from one of my 2nd graders at Seahurst Elementary School
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Image Description
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Video Description
This is a video I created for younger students to create a map of their community.
Video Description
This is a video I put together of a finished residency that I completed at Seahurst Elementary School. This video highlights their finished collages.
Video Description