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The mission of Mode Music and Performing Arts is to offer innovative arts education programs promoting confidence, social awareness, equity and empathy in our students and community. Our vision is a community where students can learn to express themselves through performing arts without worrying about cost.

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3801 Delridge Way SW
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Pre-K, K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th

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Music, theatre dance, drama, music production, preschool music, multidisciplinary, improvisation, creative writing, scene study, character development, acting, team-building
Dance, Music, Theater, Multidisciplinary, Music Production


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Olympic View Elementary School, Adams Elementary, Lafayette, Genesee Hill, Fairmount Park, Decatur, Beacon Hill Int’l, Roxhill, Sanislo, White Center Heights
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Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
STORY DRAMA (Grades K-2 or 3-5 Every class has its own story to tell! In the Story Drama series, students will use works by popular children’s authors like Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle to explore the fundamentals of story-telling and work together to bring those stories to life. Older students will have the opportunity to dive into some of their favorite chapter books, like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Magic Tree House, and A Wrinkle In Time. Students of all ages will have a blast using visuals, music, performance art, and games to create a unique “staged” version of each story. A final presentation of the students’ creation will be performed on the final day of class for an audience of family and friends.  STAR WARS PLAY CREATION** (Grades K-3)  Join the Resistance with the Star Wars Play Creation class! Students will explore the art of character development and story-telling by creating original characters, scenes, and songs that are set within the Star Wars universe. In addition to writing and acting out their stories, students will make props, put together costumes, and create set pieces for their original play. The class will conclude with a performance of the students’ original play for friends and family. May the Force be with you!  A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS SCENE STUDY** (Grades 3-5)  Join this class to dive into the terrible tales of the Baudelaire children and the greedy, villainous Count Olaf. This series of novels (now a Netflix tv series, too!) is full of wacky characters and curious capers; excellent material for scene study! Students will analyze and act out selected scenes from the books and tv series, with opportunities to create costumes, props, and set pieces for the final performance. This program teaches valuable theatre skills such as creative collaboration, memorization techniques, identifying objectives and motivations, and character development.  **Our Scene Study and Play Creation classes can be flavored with a variety of themes in addition to the example provided above. Past themes include Marvel, Harry Potter, and Disney. Let us know if you would like more information about a different theme!**  BROADWAY DANCE PARTY! (K-5)  Get ready to bust a move at the Broadway Dance Party! In this high-energy dance class, students will learn musical theatre dance routines set to music from hit Broadway shows like Newsies, Matilda, Frozen, and more! The class will learn proper warm-up techniques, important foundations for jazz, ballet, and theatre dance, and best practices for keeping your body healthy and strong while dancing -- and we’ll have a great time while doing it! Students will prepare a number of routines to be performed during our final class.  THEATRE GAMES/IMPROV (Grades 3-5)  In this class, students will be encouraged to think outside the box with interactive, engaging, and team-building activities that actors of all levels and ages can use to hone their craft. Theatre games are a great way to learn important communication skills, build confidence, and let your creativity shine. We will also explore the art of Improvisation with exercises that inspire kids to work together and use their imaginations to create scenes and songs from scratch -- no scripts required! The exercises and activities used in this class remind students that everyone has the power to write their own story and that amazing things can happen when you work together. NTRO TO MODE MUSIC / SING ALONG WITH MODE MUSIC (K-2)  In our introductory class for young musicians, we will sing songs, explore instruments and have fun with music! All levels are welcome, but we encourage students with little to no experience to get them comfortable in a music setting. Using the songs of kid-friendly artists like Caspar Babypants, popular songs of yesterday and today, and campfire sing-alongs, we will discover the foundations of rhythm, song structure, lyrics and melody. Parents are invited to join students for the final class of the session so we can share with you what we’ve learned! SONGWRITING: MINECRAFT SONG PARODIES (Grades K-5)  This is the class where your passion for music and your passion for Minecraft meet! In Songwriting, it’s important to write about something that inspires you. If you love chopping trees, digging for rare precious metals, and dodging zombies and creepers, this is the class for you! Students will apply the foundations of songwriting technique to create original compositions inspired by the wonderful world of Minecraft. You can write a song about training a pack of wolves to be your friends, or finally crafting that beautiful diamond armor set, or creating portals to the Nether -- all while learning about music theory and self-expression through song. Students will have the opportunity to perform their original songs in a showcase that will be presented for friends and family on the final day of class.  VOCAL PERFORMANCE (Grades 2-5)  Sing out, superstar! In this class, students will learn important skills for singing including breathing techniques, vowel exercises, using your head voice and chest voice, and jumping intervals. We will learn by playing a number of fun, engaging vocal exercise games and practicing ear training. In addition to encouragement of proper technique, students will be inspired to step outside of their comfort zones and use their voices with confidence! Finally, students will work with their instructor and each other to select songs that they will perform in a special showcase for friends and family on the final day of class.  UKULELE 101 (Grades 2-5)  Come learn ukulele with us! Whether you’ve played before or have never picked one up, our group ukulele class gives students the opportunity to learn an instrument that they can take with them anytime, anywhere. Basic knowledge of the instrument is introduced while learning to tune, strum, and read tablature and chord charts. We will also learn about the cultural significance and history of the ukulele. Students will leave this class being able to pick out simple, familiar melodies and play a handful of basic chords that can be used to play hundreds of songs!. On the final day of class, students will have the opportunity to share what they’ve learned with friends and family by performing a showcase of selected songs.
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$80/hr to cover one teaching artist to lead an activity/workshop in your classroom. This fee covers all prep time, admin, and materials costs. (Teaching artist will provide supplies needed for activities.)


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