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Spreading the healing power of creative expression to kids.

Art with Heart brings the healing power of creative expression to kids and adults serving kids. Our goal is to provide creative tools, resources, and support to any kid or community in need of healing. Our therapeutic activity books are designed for kids age 5-18. Printed companion curricula for books, in-person and online training are available for adults who are leading or looking to lead creative expression programs with the kids they serve.

Our books and programs empower adults to effectively help kids work through their feelings, build resilience, and see a future full of possibility via creative expression.

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316 Broadway
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Suite 316

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Grade Levels Preferred
Pre-K, K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Previous School Partnerships
A sample of Washington schools and organizations that we’ve trained recently; College Place Elementary, You Grow Girl!, RAYS, Recovery Café, Auburn SD, Rising Star Elementary, Highline SD, Lake Stevens SD, and Renton Boys and Girls Club. A sample of Washington schools using our resources; College Place Elementary, Auburn SD, Rising Star Elementary, Highline SD, Issaquah SD, Tyee School, Ryther, Friends of Youth, Seattle Publics Schools, Snohomish Discover Center, and Meridian School, Kent SD, and Renton SD.
Other Trainings or Certifications
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Learning is a direct line to empowerment for both kids and adults. At, you’ll find a sample of resources we use in training designed to empower you and help you confidently lead Art with Heart programs with kids. Click lesson titles to see the lesson and more in-depth information Feelings Mask Lesson 9-12th grades: SEL Focus: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills Description: This activity encourages youth to examine their identity while building empathy and self-awareness. Personal Rain Cloud Lesson 6-8th grades: SEL Focus: Self-management and responsible decision-making Description: This activity encourages supports kids in exploring and developing personal values while reconciling conflicting emotions. Paper Chain of Support Lesson 4-5th grades: SEL Focus: Social Awareness and Relationship Skills Description: This activity encourages kids to identify their support systems and build relationship skills. Critter Collage Lesson K-3rd grades: SEL Focus: Self-management and social awareness Description: This activity explores collage techniques while building empathy, identity, and emotion identification.
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development
Art with Heart’s professional development training will help attendees learn how to integrate creative expression with confidence in their work with kids, whether 1:1, in a classroom or other group. They will learn activities and facilitation techniques from one of our curricula based on the developmental age range of their kids. The skills they learn will help kids use creative expression to name and manage their emotions, develop strategies for coping, build Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, and learn strategies to build healthy connections and communicate through creative expression supporting Seattle Public School’s goals of 21st-Century Learning. Art with Heart’s resources are based on therapeutic modalities such as art, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative therapies. Each training is designed to prepare participants to immediately integrate creative expression with confidence in their work with kids, whether one-on-one, in a classroom, or other group settings. Each attendee receives an age-appropriate 180+ page curricula that are a companion to one of Art with Heart’s therapeutic art activity books. These curricula, which can be used alone or with the books, are a turnkey resource that provides robust information of facilitation, program structures, art lessons and session structure for each page in our books, and more. These curricula are the base of our training and will be a powerful support tool for attendee’s post-training. Learning objectives: Learn how to use AwH resources to facilitate integrated creative expression into programs or classrooms through age-specific activities and facilitation techniques. Learn the structure of Art with Heart programming and resources and how to adapt it to classroom culture and student needs. Build proficiency and confidence using a variety of art materials and methods. Understand and experience how creative expression helps kids name and manage their emotions, develop strategies for coping, build SEL skills, learn strategies to build healthy connections, and communicate through creative expression.

Areas of Experience and Expertise

Approved Professional Development Provider
Approved Classroom Residency Provider
Experience with English Language Learners
Experience with Students in Special Education

Lesson Plan

Integrated Art
Cultural Art

Teaching Approach

Teaching Philosophy + Approach
Our training covers a myriad of subjects like facilitating our therapeutic creative expression curricula, integrating creative expression into social-emotional learning, addressing ACEs, and learning the impacts of creative expression on the brain. We create personalized learning for attendees based on the needs of their teams and the kids they serve. We believe that guided, hands-on training is the most effective method to fully experience then integrate our resources and creative expression seamlessly into classrooms or practices. We follow a pedagogy with kids and adults alike that involves priming exercises, core creative expression activity, and post-activity reflection. This approach creates space for participants to learn about themselves and our resources in a unique way that suits them best. It also creates a learning community where participants can grow together, reflect, and connect for ideas of implementation during and after their workshop. We continue to support attendees after training through a community learning session that occurs three months after, and we are available for open coaching anytime. The outlook of this approach is to allow time to put learning into practice and gather real-time questions or challenges.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Arts integration into classroom Sustainable partnerships Parent and administration buy-in Grief Trauma-informed care/Healing Centered Engagement Social-Emotional Learning Culturally responsive facilitation Camps Creative Expression and the Brain
Testimonials from Schools

"I had the most enlightening conversations about trust - how it's built or broken, who client's trust or don't trust and why. I'll continue to use this activity when I meet with youth." - Sound Therapist, about using the Safety Net activity in Ink About It

"I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity to take this workshop, to grow, and expand my professional toolbox. - School Counselor, Highline School District

"Thanks for offering affordable training, I appreciate it. What you give during training exceeds expectations on that." - Programs Manager, Bo's Place


Training is $750/hr for a training. For a 4 hour training we charge $3000 For a 2 hour training we charge $1500 4-hour In-person Training, 30 attendees: $3000 includes curricula and book. CEUs available. There is flex in what we provide for organizations in our in-person training, we work with you to meet the needs of your community and staff. We start by asking questions that help us learn more about staff needs and culture. We use that fact-finding to tailor training, building off our core curricula structure, our resources’ therapeutic benefits and SEL components, and field research in relevant topics such as how trauma affects the brain and ACEs. Our training is interactive and led by mental health professionals, they combine theory and hands-on experience to educate and empower. We focus on helping facilitators maximize time with the kids they serve by flexing the use of our resources for 1:1 or groups. We ensure staff walks away with a plan on how to integrate creative expression into the work they’re already doing. 1 Hour webinar, 30 attendees: $750 If time-crunched, we can get people ready to lead programs via a webinar. A webinar would hit the highpoints of the above but is more limited in customization and while give great info don't go as in-depth as a personalized training would. We would focus on integrating creative expression into the staff's work to build SEL opportunities, resilience building, and helping kids develop coping mechanisms. Does not come with Leader's Companion or book. 1 Hour consultation: $50


Image Description
Image by Lhorna-Murray. In this “Angry Art” session, kids from the Sandpoint community were encouraged to fling paint while shouting out any frustrations or feelings to release emotions. The lesson focuses on SEL skills of Self-Awareness, Social Aware
Image Description
Build a Buddy activity that focuses on SEL skills of identity building and relationship skills. Kids get the chance to take the pressure of themselves and make their ideal friends and discuss why the buddy represents the perfect friend to them.
Image Description
Training with Your Grow Girl! focused on integrate creative expression into their work with teens and learning about ACEs, its effects, and how creative expression can help combat ACEs.
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A snapshot of kids during lessons from our Chill & Spill resource.
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Video Description
Understand the basics and benefits of SEL in schools.
Video Description
Dalisha Phillips shares her first hand experience facilitating a Chill & Spill program.
Video Description