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Penguin Productions
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Penguin Productions unites youth leadership and adult mentorship to co-create theater and cultivate a healthy, equitable, and thriving future. We believe a healthy and equitable community begins with empowered, confident, thoughtful youth leaders. We work to make theater a more diverse and inclusive space and a powerful tool for social change through youth development and leadership, professional art and mentorship development, accessible programming, and cross-sector partnerships. Penguin Productions values equity, inclusion, and centering youth in decisions that affect their present and future. We believe that creative opportunities can strengthen community bonds, deepen relationships to place, and support the rich and diverse cultural wealth that our youth possess. We empower young people with the skills to integrate arts practices in all sectors of culture and society, and use artistic knowledge to both create great art and influence decision-making in civic, cultural, scientific, and community spaces. All Penguin programs are cost-free. Penguin supports professional opportunities in theater arts education, directing, marketing, communications, and development through internships and community partnerships.

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Grade Levels Preferred
3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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2, 4
Theater Arts (acting, directing, playwriting, stage management, tech, production) Creative Writing


Previous School Partnerships

Kimball, Wing Luke, Scriber Lake, McClure, Thornton Creek, Center School, Salmon Bay, TOPS, Hazel Wolf, Greenlake, West Woodland, Eckstein, Hamilton, Roosevelt, Hale, Ballard, Meridian, Shorewood, Lakeside School, Bush School, University Preparatory, Puget Sound Community School, Meridian School, Holy Names Academy, Evergreen School, Spruce Street School. 

Other Trainings or Certifications
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
21st Century Shakespeare embracing the power and possibility of Shakespeare through a 21st century cultural lens Students engage with selected Shakespeare plays, scenes, and characters to embody the text, explore cultural resonance and how to bring their own history to the work, and make artistic choices around communicating with an audience.  Goals include deeper fluency with language, theatrical vocabulary and technique, comfort and confidence working in ensemble, individual voice and presentation, connection to cultural issues, listening, reflection, and critical thinking around artistic work, and expanding the possibilities of how students approach Shakespeare and performance.  Shakespeare occupies a privileged place in our curriculum, and the plays have been used as “civilizing” projects. But his works also have a rich anti-racist, anti-colonial legacy, and have been used for centuries to subvert and reimagine gender roles. Shakespeare can and should belong to everyone. Theatrical Toolbox for a Thriving Future “What we learned about how body language communicates feeling can be taken with me not just in acting but in my whole life/all interactions.” - theater student after somatic awareness workshop A series of workshops building body awareness, values-based ensemble building, inclusive storytelling practices, and an intersectional, multi-disciplinary foundation for arts practice and leadership. This residency grounds students in foundational knowledge and skills that will allow them to be more proactive agents in their own personal and creative journeys, and be more socially engaged participants in discussion and group projects. This work supports them as leaders towards a more inclusive, just society, whatever path they choose to pursue.   Finding Trails exploring the power and metaphor of trails through creative writing, and forging a deeper connection to our environment and its future A flexible writing workshop designed to complement science, social justice, and/or history curriculum - or as a stand-alone workshop to develop student connection to their own environmental stories and futures. The workshop develops plays, spoken-word, poems, and short stories through a series of exercises both on the page and on our feet designed to develop confidence in individual voice and different writing structures, open up the imagination and inspire all kinds of writers. Finding Trails centers diverse stories of environmental justice and joy, harnesses the imagination and sparks dialogue to develop critical thinking and creative writing skills while co-creating a positive vision of our future.
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

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Teaching Philosophy + Approach
Penguin believes theater spaces can and should be more equitabe, accessible, and transformational. We value inclusion and center youth in decision-making. Through theater projects, we strengthen community bonds, deepen relationships to place, and support the rich and diverse cultural wealth that our youth possess. We empower young people with the skills to integrate arts practices in all sectors of culture and society, and use artistic knowledge both to create great art and influence decision-making in civic and cultural spaces. Working holistically, we meet youth where they are and ask, how can the making of theater help us build diverse, inclusive spaces, and powerful tools for social change? Our teaching artists quickly identify what lies within students and bring it to the sphere of interaction with others where gifts can be realized and shared. They are focused listeners and observers who combine rigorous pursuit of craft with deft touch and deep compassion. Penguin's teaching artists bring intersectional lenses to their work and represent diverse racial and gender identities. We use theater training to build individual and community capacity tailoring curriculum to address student need, using a wide toolbox, and leading with culturally specific frameworks, metaphors, and styles. Embracing flexibility and inclusion of all learning styles, Penguin is a haven for LGBTQ+, ASD, and ADHD youth, as well as youth with social-emotional learning issues, anxiety, and depression.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Language Arts, English, History, Drama, Social Studies, Environmental Science, Life Skills,
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Performance Skills and Production for a variety of spaces (stage, classroom, outdoor, non-traditional, site-specific) Curriculum development and integration LGBTQ+ students, students with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, and social anxiety
Testimonials from Schools
"It energizes me to see the students excited to take their learning somewhere new. [The residency] provided me ideas of how to tap into student experiences in new ways" - 5th grade teacher, Kimball "For many kids, you change the equation from failing to thriving" - learning specialist, Nathan Hale "Penguin amplifies the voices of young artists at every juncture of the creative process" - 7th grade parent "If theater is to change the world - this may be how" - 17 year old student


Negotiable depending on project scope. Please contact for details.


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Students rehearsing a scene
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Midsummer Night's Dream rehearsal
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Student Performance
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Student Performance
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video of One Act at a Time project in partnership with foundry10
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Penguin youth speak to what the organization means to them
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