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International Capoeira Angola Foundation
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The International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF) has been serving the Seattle area since 1998. As an educational non-profit, ICAF is committed to the preservation and growth of the Afro-Brazilian cultural art form Capoeira Angola. Brought to Brazil by West Africans in the 16OO’s, Capoeira evolved as a unique martial art that promotes team work, critical thinking and self-esteem. It is practiced in a circle where two players develop a body dialogue accompanied by live music and songs in Brazilian Portuguese.

Our Arts in Action program is a cultural arts program designed for students to experience physical, music and health education in an engaging way. Through multi-disciplinary arts, our program encompasses movement, music and food as key elements to support students’ creative expression and development as life-long learners. We provide 8 week class series with a final celebration showcase, assembly performances, one day workshops and field trips to our school in the International District.

Our main objective is to expose students to cultural arts as a way to develop self-awareness, value community involvement and gain an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.


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dos Reis
Po Box 14273
Address 2
(206) 669-0273

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

Artistic Disciplines


Dance - Capoeira Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

Music - rhythm and percussion, call and response songs

Multi-disciplinary - integration of cultural art, physical activity and nutrition as a pathway towards health

Dance, Music, Multidisciplinary


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Cultural Art

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Capoeira is an inclusive art that embraces all people to develop mental and physical resilience. It is based in a cooperative learning process that begins with the belief that everyone innately has the ability to move and express themselves. Through the improvised movements that creates a body dialogue, students grow both individually and together with their friends. By exploring this interpersonal communication style, students gain critical thinking skills for conflict resolution and uplifting themselves and the surrounding community.  
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
  • Social Studies
    • World geography
    • How culture travels through the world and adapts to new places and people
  • Health/Physical Education
    • Knowledge and skills necessary to maintain an active life
    • Nutrition –impact of eating on growth, healing and energy
  • World Language
    • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Science
    • Body systems and function
    • Physics and motion
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Testimonials from Schools
Farin Houk - Head of School - Seattle Amistad School - (206) 325-3172 Sarah  Kennedy - 8th Grade Spanish Teacher - MS Wilderness & Elective coordinator The Bush School - (206) 322-7978 ext. 7689 Daphne Dejanikus - 3rd grade parent volunteer; PTA Board Arts'Liaison




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ICAF Seattle performance at Seattle Center
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ICAF Seattle kids workshop at Northwest Folklife Festival
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ICAF Seattle kids workshop at Northwest Folklife Festival
Image Description
Roda at our studio, the Union Cultural Center, in the International District
Image Description
Kids playing berimbau (one string bow) at Union Cultural Center


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Video Description
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