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Jack Straw Cultural Center
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Jack Straw Cultural Center is a multidisciplinary audio arts center that provides opportunities and support for artists to create and present new work, teaches individuals of all ages to express themselves creatively, and provides production support for other non-profit organizations. We present over 100 public presentations a year including artist talks, exhibits, performances, radio programs, films, and podcasts. For twenty years, we have provided students at all grade levels with the tools to tell their stories using audio technology. Students work with artists from several disciplines, including theater, writing, music, visual art, and digital media, in integrated arts residencies, both in classrooms and in our University District studios. Students, working individually and in small groups, all create their own audio stories, music, and/or visual art. Our teaching artists are also skilled in providing English language learners, disabled youth, and special education students with accessible arts education opportunities and programs for students that need more attention on building literacy skills. We maintain a low ratio of students to artists so that students have the special attention they need for a strong, accessible, hands-on experience. Students receive their own CD, anthology, or other final artwork at the end of the residency.

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4261 Roosevelt Way NE
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(206) 634-0919

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Digital/Media Arts: Radio and Podcast Production; Radio theater and sound effect production; Oral history and Interviews; Music recording and production; Video Games (Drawing, collage, sound making, music, programming, logic, recording); Interactive Installations; Field Recording and Sound Art; Audio Production with portable equipment and computers Literary Art/Spoken Word/Performance Poetry: Poetry; Creative narrative; Journalism and oral history; Using your voice, in the studio and for live performance; Native American Storytelling Music: Songwriting; Improvisation and composition; Original Instrument building, found sound, and performance (cigar box guitars to African thumb pianos); Contemporary Percussion Ensemble; African Drumming and Storytelling; Performance and recording Theater: Radio Theater; Scriptwriting; Performance; Sound effects and sound design; Recording Dance/Movement: Contemporary/modern dance Visual art: Camera Obscura; Interactive Installations; Video Games (Drawing, Collage, Sound, Music, Programming, Logic, Recording); Murals
Dance, Digital/Media Arts, Literary Art or Spoken Word/Performance Poetry, Music, Theater, Visual Art, Multidisciplinary


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Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

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Cultural Art

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Teaching Philosophy + Approach
Our projects have an interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum. We review curricula with classroom teachers and school district specialists to ensure alignment with state standards. Our projects engage students in creative and long-term experiences, during which they develop 21st century skills through the creation of a new audio artwork. Our teaching artist team works with classroom teachers from initial planning through completion of the project and final assessment. We begin by asking what the primary goals are for the residency, what grade level, what subject, preferred project length, and whether there are special needs considerations (e.g. youth with disabilities or ELL students). Co-teaching by classroom teachers and teaching artists is emphasized. We provide new teachers with pre-project training including a condensed version of the project so they can better understand the scope and design of our residencies. We encourage teachers to propose a content area as the basis for their projects which directly integrates into their curriculum. As examples, we designed programs for third grade teachers who wanted a project involving Northwest Native American storytelling and for 8th grade Washington state history and geography teachers who wanted their students to learn about the immigration stories of the school’s international teachers.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Language Arts History/Social Studies Geography Government Science Health Music Technology World Language Core Art Classes Library Program
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
ELL students Special education students Students with disabilities Professional development
Testimonials from Schools
Laurel Saito, Seattle World School, After-school coordinator/teacher Jeff Treistman, Denny International Middle School, Librarian/Media specialist Linda Martinez, Concord International Elementary School, 4th grade bilingual teacher Shana Brown, Broadview Thomson, 6th grade teacher Laurel Anne White, Katharine Blaine K-8 multiarts teacher Michael Dickneitte, Seattle Public Schools Special Education/Vision Services, Lowell Elementary School




Image Description
Third graders record group vocals in the Jack Straw studio with Jack Straw vocal coach.
Image Description
Students and a Seattle World School instructional assistant record a PSA about health in the Jack Straw studio.
Image Description
Blind student learns about field recording equipment from Jack Straw teaching artist.
Image Description
Jack Straw Writer works with ELL high school student on the script for his project.
Image Description
Fourth graders record their poems in the Jack Straw studio with Jack Straw engineer.


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Video Description