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Junior League of Seattle, Inc.
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The Junior League of Seattle’s Northwest Art Project (NWAP) is the embodiment of the League’s vision: women around the world as catalysts for lasting community change. The NWAP aims to make access to original art and art education available to all students. Guided by the fact that arts learning can measurably improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork, the NWAP works to develop children’s critical thinking skills and inspire creativity through inquiry-based teaching and interaction with original works of art. The Pacific Northwest is an unusually rich source of over 83 works by local artists who have gained worldwide acclaim. It also is home to many children who have never seen an original work of art and never visited an art museum. The NWAP steps into the space between art and child, using the League’s art collection and trained volunteers to bridge the distance.  Artwork travels into local schools and is viewed through an interactive method that encourages participation and inquisitiveness.

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4119 East Madison Street
Address 2
(206) 324-3638

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th

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NWAP is a visual arts program with curriculum focused on the K-8 student population.  Professional Development workshops for teachers facilitate arts-based learning in the classroom using JLS art pieces as a focal point. Freedom to imagine and make connections to what is seen is liberating and requires creativity. Viewers consider meaningful criteria such as: Did it make me see the world in a new way? Did it teach me something? Did it show me how my classmate sees the world?
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 The PD takes place over multiple weeks. The PD learning begins with an interactive 5-1⁄2 hour in-school workshop during a PD day. The first workshop is followed up by a lesson taught in the classroom by each participating teacher and / or teams of teachers. After approximately 3 weeks, the workshop participants can reconvene to debrief, review, share and strategize ways to enhance, augment and, or improve lessons. This second session is 2-3 hours in length depending on the number of participants. The workshop and embedded assignments can be made available for Clock Hours.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Teachers will learn how the study of visual art in the classroom builds listening and communication competency as well as fosters creative and critical thinking skills in their students. The workshop will demonstrate how these skills directly transfer to a variety of other subject areas that require problem solving, imagination, and creativity, most notably language arts, social studies, math and science.
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
 The JLS’s NWAP strives to reach ELL and special needs students.
Testimonials from Schools
Julie Trout, Arts Specialist, John Muir Elementary Steve Marsh, Librarian, John Muir Elementary Stacy Stark, Arts Specialist, Orca K-8 Carter Kemp Librarian, Kimball Elementary Patti Christie Arts Specialist, Coe Elementary




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