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Lin Lucas
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Lin Lucas is a visual and performing artist whose comics and illustrations have appeared in The Stranger, Top Shelf Comics, the Xeric Award winning Two-Fisted Science, The Psychology of Race, and the French anthology Le Dernier Neurone. He is also the writer-artist of the mini-series, Creepy Joe. A highly regarded teaching artist, Lin has taught cartooning at the Northwest School, Gage Academy, Powerful Schools, Winslow Arts Center, Coyote Central, Pacific Arts Center, Path with Art, and Frye Art Museum.

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411 E Republican St, Apt. 3
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Grade Levels Preferred
3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Multidisciplinary artist specializing in comics/graphic narrative, butoh inspired dance and creative movement. Seasoned teacher with a broad range of classroom experience, ages 5 to Adult. Adept at developing programs and curriculum that enhance learning by bridging distinct disciplines through the introduction of cross disciplinary, integrated studies in which arts play a central role.
Dance, Visual Art, Multidisciplinary


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The heart of learning is partnership. As a teacher, my first objective is always to establish a trusting relationship with students, to work with them in co-creating a learning environment in which we are all invited to take risks together. Throughout the course of our work, I encourage to listen and respond to their creative intuition. Instruction is designed to provide points of reflection rather than rigid guidelines. Like life, art is a dance between worlds, a dance on the border of cognitive hemispheres, a composition that each must approach in her/his own unique way. Ultimately, my goal is to create an environment in which students can explore the artistic process, to see that process as a set of skills that allows them to evaluate and reconstruct experiences in ways that are empowering and that allow them to define and re-define the relationship between external and internal landscapes.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Strongest Curricular Ties: Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, History I have also done arts integrated units in Science, Mathematics with primary level students.
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
I have experience as a Diversity Coordinator and have engaged in social justice trainings and facilitation with National Association of Independent Schools, The National Coalition Building Institute, People of Color Conference, The Red Cross, Facing History and Ourselves, and Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative.  
Testimonials from Schools
Lydia Jurcey, Education Coordinator, Poweful Schools Kathy Haskins, Education & Communications Manager, Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council, Marybeth Satterlee, Program Director, Coyote Central Adam Doody, Program Coordinator, Path with Art Kenneth Maldonado, 5th Grade Teacher, South Shore School  




Image Description
Seeing/Drawing exercise at Coyote Central - Middle Schoolers
Image Description
Autobiographical Comic - 9th grade. Students explored memoir, selecting memorable moments from their lives to communicate in words & pictures. Comics used symbols, metaphors, exaggeration as in editorial cartooning
Image Description
Found Object, Window Box - 5th grade. Art, Ecology, & Community
Image Description
Human Rights Poster- 6th Grade. Students studied U.N. Universal Human Rights & created posters expressing their understanding.
Image Description
Natural Object Sculpture - 6th/7th Grade student exploration of imbedding art in community using found objects and recycled materials


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Video Description
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