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Mylen Huggins
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I am an independent teaching artist, artist mentor, arts advocate and a parent volunteer passionate about bringing more art into public schools.  I helped develop and implement a successful visual arts and music program called Arts Friday at West Woodland Elementary School, which has been thriving since 2009.  After spending the first year managing the program, I was then hired as the visual arts teacher for 3rd-5th grades.  My work as a Teaching Artist for ArtsCorps, partnered me with an afterschool program at Madrona K-8 Elementary School and at Southern Heights Elementary in Burien, WA.   I taught a semi-private after school art class called Drawing Lab  for a small group of third and fourth graders.  In the spring of 2014, I joined Arts Impact, a professional learning organization for teachers, as one of their Artists Mentors.  Through Arts Impact, I'll be a resident artist mentor at Sand Point Elementary school facilitating one of their programs called Arts FUNdamentals. My commitment to teaching art requires ongoing development, research and practice.  I am certified through Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab and other professional development practicums such as Visual Thinking Strategies, Arts Impact, Educator programs at the Frye Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, , Seattle Art Museum, Junior League of Seattle, Smithsonian Institute's Center for Museum Studies and many others.

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722 n 70th Street
Address 2

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th

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Drawing, Painting, Drafting, clay sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, etc.
Visual Art


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I believe that art is an essential part of becoming an educated person. As a teaching artist, I engage students in a safe environment that fosters 21st century skills and habits that help them develop into courageous, confident artists and citizens. Together, we build a collaborative art room community, we work hard, have fun and take risks; we develop art skills and techniques, explore various media and materials and make time to reflect on our experiences. Teaching artistry found me: While my formal college education was in graphic design and illustration at the College for Creative Studies-Center for Art and Design from 1987-1990, it was 1996 while working in the Visitor and Education Programs department at The Children's Museum when I realized that I am naturally skilled at teaching art to young people. Teaching felt intuitive and natural. I've been privileged to interact with children from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds from preschool aged to elementary aged students. I've taught in diverse settings such as the Children's Museum and their partnering cultural organizations, Arts Corps, Seattle Public Schools, Highline School District, summer camps, and cooperative preschool. Since becoming a teaching artist, I am drawn to teaching in a K-5 classroom environment. I would love to work more with teenagers (as I have one of my own) and hope to have an opportunity to work with Middle and High Schoolers in the future.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Arts Infusion in Math, Literacy, Language Arts/Social Studies.
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Artist Mentor with ARTS IMPACT.  Have taught a diverse student population from North Seattle to Burien; have worked with a variety of teachers and adult volunteers.
Testimonials from Schools
Teachers: Sara Williams, Colby Dresbeck, Cheri Guthrie, Maritess Batista-Michelson, Rae Rosenblatt-Hood, Alyssa Dahl, Anne Pfeil, Denise Dela Pella, Josephine Brombaugh and several others. Principals: Marilyn Loveness, Tami Beach, Kristen Percy-Calaff, Arts Administrators: Beverly Harding-Beuhler, Eduardo Mendonca, Tina LaPadula




Image Description
A collaborative sculpture lesson on geometry & structure with rolled paper and tape. 5th grade.
Image Description
Collage: A fundamental lesson on art elements of color and shape: expressing a representation of ones personal world. 2nd/3rd grade
Image Description
Guided Owl drawings: Lesson on line and pattern; balance and repetition. 1st grade.
Image Description
Still-Life observation drawings: multiple perspectives, depicting space (foreground/background/shadow), overlapping shapes, proportion and shadow; using color to depict value without using white or black. 1st to 4th grade
Image Description
African Inspired trading Bands: a collage lesson on symbolism (shield), identity, pattern, fractions, warm/cool/neutral colors. 1st-3rd grade.


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