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Naho Shioya
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Naho Shioya is an actor and performance artist who has worked internationally in Asia, Canada, Europe and the U.S. Locally she has appeared at Seattle Children’s Theatre, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle Public Theatre, and On the Boards, among others. As a director and teaching artist, she has worked with various organizations and schools in the greater Puget Sound area including Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, Youth Theatre Northwest, Book-It Repertory Theatre and Seattle Repertory Theatre. She is a member of the experimental, multi-disciplinary arts group Aono Jikken Ensemble (AJE) for which she is a performer, vocalist and benshi (silent film narrator).

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P.O. Box 22968
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3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Theatre - Acting: Suzuki Method, Stanislavski's system, View Points Theatre - Directing Theatre/Movemnet - Ensemble Builing Movement - contemporary, original work
Theater, Movement


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In the forest of trees, no one tree looks the same – unique and different, each one has its own beauty. - Leonid Anisimov, Russian Theatre Artist Just as the trees in the forest are unique, I believe each student has their own strength and beauty. Each student has a different way of learning, understanding and achieving their goals and it is the job of educators to recognize this individuality in each one and encourage their growth as human beings by offering them the tools and guidance they need to achieve their goals. My passion to teach stems from the desire to share what I’ve learned and experienced with my colleagues in the arts, and I view my opportunity to teach as sharing, guiding and assisting my fellow artists. Goals for Students: I believe a teacher’s goal is to assist each student in not only understanding ideas, but helping them process, interpret, and access the information given to them. Method and Application: I work hands-on to achieve the goals I set out for students. Understanding Diversity: As a teaching artist, I have worked with people from wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in variety of settings, and I have learned to observe and adjust my own teaching style and find the best way to reach them. I always remind myself that I am a student as well. I learn from those I teach and that it is important to be flexible, curious, and open to new ideas and challenges. I believe in supporting and guiding students in their growth as individuals and as ensemble players, for this pays dividends not only in the arts but in the community and society as a whole.
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Language Art/World Language/English Social Studies/History Science Drama  
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Bilingual - English/Japanese  
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