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Seattle Art Museum
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Educators are at the center of learning, and your significant contributions have profound effects on the learning of your students. SAM’s Educator Programs provide teachers with rich opportunities to relate the arts directly to your own lives and the lives of your students. SAM’s professional development workshops offer K–12 educators and administrators techniques and ideas for integrating popular culture, art, and cultural objects into classroom learning. Educators from all subject areas will gain strategies for connecting with SAM’s global collection, special exhibitions, and contemporary world issues. Click the "+" below to learn more!  

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Anna Allegro
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Manager of School & Educator Programs
1300 First Avenue
Address 2

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

Artistic Disciplines

SAM School & Educator Programs are designed for classroom teachers, art teachers, teaching artists, and art advocates as a place to learn more about incorporating art into your curriculum. SAM’s programs, art lessons, and projects are designed to support K-12 lessons and units related to social studies, language arts, science, and math. These can be centered around art-making, inquiry-based observation, or both! We also assist educators in providing lessons centered around visual arts that lend themselves to student-voice, cultural exploration and understanding, social justice, and equity. Let us know how we can support the wonderful work you are doing!
Visual Art, Multidisciplinary, Professional Development for Educators


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Cultural Art

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SAM provides creative learning opportunities for students and educators that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and develop environments that are challenging, inclusive and collaborative. SAM offers resources and experiences that contribute to building a community of life-long learners. Every learning opportunity can be customized to meet the needs of each student, school or educator. Each lessonat the museum, in your classroom, and during PDs—are aligned with Washington State Learning Standards, Common Core Learning Standards, National Core Art Standards, and 21st Century Skills.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
The majority of SAM’s residency projects are arts integrated lessons, designed to build understanding of key concepts and connections in both the arts and non-arts disciplines.SAM has experience developing integrated arts lessons for K- 12 classrooms in math, science, language arts, social studies, history and ELL. For example, last year SAM conducted a multi-session residency in a high school Social Studies class focused on the Civil Rights Era. Developed collaboratively with the teacher, the residency integrated photography with the core curriculum. As a second example, SAM collaborated with a math teacher to create a geometry lesson focused on balance and ratios using the work of artist Alexander Calder. Students explored key artistic concepts of balance and composition, paired with math concepts such as angles, ratios and forms to create their own 3-d sculpture based on equations.
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
SAM has a strong history of experience providing:
  • Professional development for K-12 teachers
  • Arts integrated lessons for k-12 teachers across subject areas
  • Culturally relevant curriculum development and delivery
  • Educator co-planning and coaching
  • Direct student services and instruction
What does this mean for you? Contact us to learn more!
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For inquiries regarding subsidized visits, please contact SAM’s School Tours Coordinator at or 206.654.3183. Inquiries regarding fees for educator programs, please contact


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School Tour & Workshop - Living Histories: Northwest Native American Art (tour)
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School Tour & Workshop - Living Histories: Northwest Native American Art (art workshop)
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Summer Institute for Educators at SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park (3-day PD)
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Summer Institute for Educators - teachers getting creative in the Nordstrom Art Studio (3-day PD)
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