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Totem Star
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Totem Star empowers youth with life skills through music production and performance to increase leadership, civic engagement, and community building. Using the model of a record label, youth compose and record music, plan and produce public events, and contribute to their communities as working artists. Our three core programs include The Studio (after school recording studio sessions), The Stage (quarterly open mics and youth arts showcases), and The Story (monthly panel discussions with guest artists). Totem Star collaborates with high school teachers to create a customized music curriculum to fit the individual needs of students while addressing core arts standards. Some students may be interested in learning music theory and producing beats, while others may be interested in songwriting and recording vocals. Through flexibility in arts and music learning and a commitment to 21st century learning skills, Totem Star strives to engage youth in meaningful projects with a transformative impact on their lives.

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4408 Delridge Way SW
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Grade Levels Preferred
9th - 12th

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Music production (Beatmaking, instrumental recording, vocal recording) Singing/Songwriting (Composition, arrangement, performance) Live performance (Planning, promotion, production) Music business (Publishing, distribution, marketing) Music theory (Pitch, harmony, rhythm, melody, texture, form, style) Band (Hip Hop/Pop/R&B/Rock/Soul/Experimental) Musical instruments (Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards/synthesizers, percussion)  
Digital/Media Arts, Music


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Youth will have the opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments, produce their own beats, write their own songs, and apply principles of the recording process to address core arts standards. Youth may also gain experience in planning, promoting, and producing quarterly open mic performances, as well as learning about the music industry through business-related activities. Life skills that youth put into practice through experiential learning encourage communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, as well as information, media, and technology skills.
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Reading Writing Mathematics History
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Since 2010, Totem Star teaching artists have served over 800 youth ages 12-21 throughout Seattle. Current demographics of youth served are 59.1% African American, 17.6% Asian/Pacific Islander, 10.7% Caucasian, 13.0% Latino, and 3.0% Native American, the majority of whom come from low-income families with little or no access to quality arts learning programs. Totem Star has worked with ELL and Special Education students, as well as leading professional development workshops with Seattle Public Schools teachers. Co-Founders Daniel Pak (Kore Ionz) and Thaddeus Turner (Thaddillac) are professional musicians with extensive experience in the music industry. Pak serves on the advisory board for The Creative Advantage and as Advisor to the Board of Governors for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Grammys.
Testimonials from Schools
David Bestock | Youngstown Cultural Arts Center | Traci Thirdgill | Southwest Interagency Academy | Tina LaPadula | Arts Corps |


$50/hr per teaching artist plus planning and prep


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The Magarssas live at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
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Let Your Light Shine official music video shoot
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Summer school beat making program
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After school beat making program
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After school open studio recording program


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