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STYLE: Music inspired by books
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STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education is a wonderful way to spark interest in reading and literature through the magic of music. Join STYLE Teaching Artists as they co-create music inspired by books through a variety of programs. We have shifted all of our programs into an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are prepared to deliver our Remote Learning program to Seattle Public Schools looking for our integrated arts programming. Our Remote Learning project goal is to create and record music inspired by books in collaboration with your students. This project will build cross-disciplinary education that uses music, language arts, reading, poetry, dance, visual arts, science, music history and skills needed for the new world. STYLE follows the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills whiule making the programs both educational and fun! All project relevant materials will be showcased in our online gallery with permission of student guardians.

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2207 South Hanford St
Address 2

Grade Levels Preferred

Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th

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Project including Music, Songwriting, Dance, Visual Art, Poetry and more. STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education's mission is to ignite students passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education. We generally work inside of classrooms and libraries, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have moved all of our programming online in our Remote Learning Program. This project will build cross-disciplinary education that uses music, language arts, reading, poetry, dance, visual arts, science, music history and skills needed for the new world. We want to ensure that we keep students minds and bodies active as we move through these lesson. We'll likely include scavenger hunts and games that will enhance learning. It is important to grab students attention, and get them learning! Our programs can run for any number of weeks. We built the program to run once a week for each classroom/screen, but we can also deliver one time only programs that include:
  • Songwriting sessions
  • Native American storytelling and music program
  • Movie Sound FX and storytelling through sound
  • Choose your own adventure songwriting.
  • and more...
Classes will be delivered with a live Teaching artist in a Virtual Classroom along with a mixture of Teaching Artist videos, games and homework (away from the computer!) Below is a description of our in person program: Not available until 2021 at the earliest.  Inside of our library, weekly and 5-Day programs your students will get a Pop Music songwriting experience. Through the lens of our Teaching Artists your students will see Pop music from their perspective, connecting their own lives to books through lyrical content. STYLE offer's a variety of Teaching Artists from musically and racially diverse backgrounds to bring songwriting to life with your students. Your students will connect the book's lessons and morals to their own life, to other literature, and to the world at large. We select books that feature diversity and focus on equity, and we love to learn about the books your educators are already reading in their classrooms! Your program can come from our list of books, or choose your own. Watch your students create meaningful lyrics while collaborating together in an open dialogue with the STYLE Teaching Artist. Our mission is to ignite student's passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education. And we get some pretty great tunes out of it too. Alternatively, treat your students to a conversation with a Native American Storyteller. In our Thunderbird/Seahawks program we explore the concepts of appropriation through the lens of the Seahawks logo. Your students will co-create a stadium anthem inspired by the story of Thunderbird.
Dance, Literary Art or Spoken Word/Performance Poetry, Music, Visual Art, Multidisciplinary, Songwriting


Previous School Partnerships
I'm very excited to note all of the schools we've worked with, and additionally those we will continue working with. Seattle Public Schools have been a great partner for STYLE's continued success inside the classroom.
  • Dearborn Park Elementary - 4 yrs
  • Leschi Elementary - 4 yrs
  • Decatur Elementary - 6 yrs
  • Cascadia Elementary - 5 yrs
  • John Muir Elementary - 1 yr
  • Briarcrest Elementary - 1 yr
  • McDonald Elementary - 1 yr
  • North Beach Elementary - 2 yrs
  • Roxhill Elementary - 1 yr
  • ORCA K-8 - 4 yrs
  • Aki Kurose Middle School - 2 yrs
  • Washington Middle School - 2 yrs
  • NOVA High School - 1 yr
  • BOREN STEM K-8 - 1 yr
  • Magnolia Elementary - 2 yrs
  • Montlake Elementary - 1 yr
  • Bailey-Gatzert - 2 yrs
  • Olympic View Elementary - 1 yr
  • Additional work with Seattle Public Libraries and King County Library System.
We look forward to growing our partnerships inside of Seattle Public Schools.
Other Trainings or Certifications
Our Teaching Artist team is led by Certified Teacher, Nate Bogopolsky. We train our staff in a variety of teaching strategies, classroom management skills, equity training, music education and more. We also participate in as many Creative Advantage workshops as possible. These include teaching strategies and racial equity training. We have trained on the Zoom Academy as we want to deliver the best programs possible for our students. We also have trained staff in a variety of other tech needs.
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
STYLE has multiple programs for schools built for in-person education and more recently we've built a Remote Learning Program. Remote Learning programs:
  • 10 Session residency
  • Single Songwriting class
  • Native American storytelling an song
  • Sound FX and storytelling through sound
10 Session Remote Learning Breakdown:
  • Full session connected to our theme of book chosen by classroom teacher
  • STYLE Teaching Artist (Live Virtual Classroom)
  • STYLE teaching artist videos to assist in live lessons
  • Working with professional producers, engineers and artists
  • Songs inspired by books co-written with students
  • Music education throughout 10 sessions
  • Dance education every class for both movement and arts ed
  • Visual Art connected to other lessons
  • Tech lessons following our lessons
  • Lessons connected to Language Arts, Reading, Science and History
  • Webpage built for every single classroom in order to showcase student work
In Person programs:
  • 3 Month Residency
  • Library Program
  • 5 Day songwriting/recording workshop
  • Thunderbird/Seahawks program
  • Sound FX and storytelling through sound
  • Specialized for your school
STYLE Weekly Program (3 Months) Breakdown:
  • STYLE Teaching artist(s)
  • Multiple diverse local performers for the students
  • Working with professional producers, engineers and artists
  • Songs inspired by books co-written with students inspired by 5 books per class. 16 books total(12 chosen specifically for each class)
  • Website’s for each class (password protected)
    • We will update with relevant material, tied to in class discussion
    • Songs will be available on webpage
    • Mp3 and WAV will be available to the school
  • Professional Mobile Recording Studio experience for all grades 1-2 students.
  • Performance with movement, dance and music culminating in an assembly
  • Hosting of assembly event
  • Will work with school on curriculum
STYLE Thunderbird/Seahawks Program
  • STYLE Teaching Artist
  • Native American Storyteller tells story of Thunderbird, the inspiration for the Seahawks logo
  • Discussion about appropriation through the lens of the Seahawks logo, scaffolded for grade level
  • Acknowledging our love for the Seahawks and our city
  • Create sports anthem inspired by Thunderbird for the Seahawks
  • Web page created to host the song and discussion
Sample Workshop Description: Teacher Professional Development

Areas of Experience and Expertise

Approved Professional Development Provider
Approved Classroom Residency Provider
Experience with English Language Learners
Experience with Students in Special Education

Lesson Plan

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Teaching Approach

Teaching Philosophy + Approach
We acknowledge that Virtual Classrooms are going to look very different in the upcoming year. We will be prepared with a vibrant, interactive and educational program. STYLE's program mission is to ignite students’ passions for literature through collaborative songwriting education. Communication skills and creative thinking are amplified using an art form they already love – music. When students engage in conversation about literature through the scope of songwriting, their thinking becomes more agile and critical. Integrated mediums allow students a broader threshold for new concepts to plant seeds for further development in their learning. Group process is a huge part of the program. Setting students in different groupings and allowing them to share with one another, lends to more sharing in the full classroom. While we work with all age groups K – 12, we are especially compelled by our work with Elementary and Middle School students. These students are at a point in their development where they are searching for who they are and who they will become as members of society. With STYLE, they have opportunities for experimentation and expression during this changing time, daring to open new doors, all while connecting to the thematic material being used.  
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
STYLE is set to integrate with the Language Arts classroom. But now with additional plans for remote learning we will include integration into history and science as well. Our immersive program will include Music, Dance, Visual Art, Poetry, Language Arts, History, Science and 21st Century skills. Our Thunderbird/Seahawks Program partners more closely with Social Studies. We discuss how appropriation is present in our everyday lives, and how we can honor culture and history rather than take advantage of it. We also plan on including American Music History as a piece of our program as well which can open up more conversations about the world we live in. Our Education Director will work closely with your school to make sure that the program being delivered suites your student's needs.
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
The STYLE program is open to working with students of all grade levels and demographics. All students have some degree of interest in music, and we find this can spark interest in their school subjects as well. Whenever possible we try to integrate ELL and Special Education Students into grade level appropriate classrooms. This gives all students the opportunity to work together. In our experience, ELL and Special Education Students add a depth of character to the songs that really moves students and teachers. We have seen new friendships and bonds created through these opportunities.
Testimonials from Schools
Craig Seasholes - Librarian - Dearborn Park International School STYLE songwriting workshops give students an unforgettable experience with the written word. It gives them a chance to experience the craft and magic of flinging words into the air on a pair of musical wings. Kevin McNew - Librarian - Leschi Elementary School I had high expectations but really did not anticipate the profound effect this project would have. The act of creation is powerful but it is magnified when the creation is a collaborative activity. The community building started right away. I saw such accomplishment and pride on the faces of the young songwriters. And the songs are all based on a book of poems that deal with issues of race and equity. It could not have gone better. Deanna Barrett - English Teacher - Aki Kurose Middle School My students were totally enthralled with the presentations by STYLE. My 8th graders had just read Fahrenheit 451. When the Bushwick Book Club asked the students to get to the meat of the book by writing poetry about the themes within the book, students gained a greater understanding of the book as well as a better realization of the intricacies of writing poetry. Putting their poetry to music and hearing it sung by professionals was exciting and educational. I couldn’t ask for a better way to entice students into the joys of literature.  


Sliding Scale for schools. We are aware that we are living in a time where we are not the only organization struggling, and we will do our part to make integrated arts a part of student's school day. Cost estimates will vary depending on the number of sessions per day. Please inquire further if you and your school have interest. Remote 10 session Program (1 day per week for 10-12 weeks): $4000 - $7000 Library Program (every classroom in school during library time): $2500 - $4000 Single Sessions and Assemblies: $300 - $500 per session Residencies: 5-day residency - Full Day(6 classes): $2500 - $4000 5-day residency - Half Day(up to 4 classes): $1500 - $3000 Native American Storytelling and song program: $300 per session Please connect with us for any special needs. General costs will vary for each program. Here are some general ideas included. These are all negotiable, but necessary. Teaching Artists - $30/hr Producers - $50/song Engineers - $250/day Web Development - $30/hr Storyteller - $200/day Prep time - $100/book Recording Studio rental - $250 additional - ???


Image Description
STYLE workshop at Aki Kurose Middle School
Image Description
STYLE at Town Hall Seattle performing music inspired by Winnie the Pooh
Image Description
STYLE at Snoqualmie Elementary School. Inspired by Nino Wrestles the World
Image Description
The STYLE teaching team for Aki Kurose Middle School
Image Description
Aki Kurose Middle School performance


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Promo video for STYLE's 5-Day Elementary School Program
Video Description
Promotional video for STYLE's 5-day Middle School program
Video Description
Sample Chorus choice lesson for our Remote Learning Program