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Gage Academy of Art
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With more than 25 years experience, GageAcademy of Art delivers a high impact, high quality visual arts program designed specifically for young kids and young adults of all  backgrounds, abilities and aptitudes. The Gage faculty features more than 70 outstanding Northwest teaching artists.  These phenomenal instructors/artists offer kids from elementary through high school the chance to be inspired, mentored and instructed in a way that nurtures creativity, fuels the imagination, and fosters expressiveness and self-confidence, all while building the habits of mind for productive lives. Gage prides itself on programs that are challenging, satisfying and collaborative experiences for students. Aligned with Common Core Learning Standards and 21st Century Skills, Gage offers a spectrum of visual arts disciplines and works to create a warm, supportive environment. Younger students enjoy the hands-on experience of having an artist as a teacher; teens experience the larger world of arts and culture by having a working artist, model and mentor in their midst.  

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1501 Tenth Avenue East
Address 2

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Grade Levels Preferred
3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Painting: Basics, Landscape, Portrait, Brush, Mural, Graffiti, Figure, Narrative, Abstract - Watercolor, Acrylic, Sumi, Tempera Drawing: Basics, Portrait, Figure, Sketch, Comic Art, Animals - Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel, Crayon, Sculpture: Ceramics, Cardboard, 3D, Papier Mache Mixed Media: Collage, Watercolor & Ink, Sculpture, Recycled Art Printmaking: Block Printing, Monoprints, Screenprinting Art History Cut Paper, Papermaking, Photography Drawing From Nature, Botanicals, Animals, Character Drawing, Self Portrait Comic Arts, Graphic Novels, Journaling Graphic Design, Type, Poster,  
Visual Art


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Gage designs every class to be a productive, enjoyable and successful experience for the individual. Not all students will walk away wanting to become artists, but through the process of creating and expressing themselves, they build self-esteem, make friends, explore their imaginations, all while building the kinds of habits of mind they'll need to be successful in life: discipline, good listening, good judgement, compassion/empathy, resource management, team building, problem solving, and patience. Gage classes are grounded in the idea that basic training in observational seeing, art technique, use of materials, and application is the foundation of competence, but the confidence comes from expression and execution of a personal idea. Teaching artists seek to inspire students and use art-making in ways that amplify student classroom learning. They set realistic goals and select activities aimed at those fulfillment of those goals. Students get adequate support and structure, both group and personal, so they can truly accomplish their best. The goals vary by age group, but always strive to make “real-world” connections,  giving students practical tools for art production, build foundations for creative thinking processes, and make an authentic, magnifying, meaningful connection to their classroom curriculum.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
All Ages: Math: Early Concepts: Time, Multiplication, Groupings, Reasoning, Logic, Algebra, Geometry, Formulas, Science: Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Conservation, Anthropology Language Arts, Creative Writing, Poetry, Historical Literature, Non-English Language Studies Social Issues, Cultural Values, Political Science, History - World, American, Ethnic, Current Affairs
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Gage has a great team of instructors who offer art teaching to teachers, from philosophy and curriculum to lesson plans, strategies, and best practices. Mural making or site-specific group art projects Gage has strong experience with 13 - 18 year old teens, through its free TAS program, which includes high proportion of low income, homeless and LGBTQ youth Field Trips to local arts sites: Olympic SculpturePark, working studios, Seattle Art Museum, Northwest African American Museum, or Seattle Asian Art Museum.
Testimonials from Schools
Willow Heath                    
 903 Bellevue PL E, Apt 306, Seattle WA 98102                     
Iole Alessandrini              
 3740 SW MONROE STREET SEATTLE WA 98126                    
Nate Herth                        
 325 NW 50th ST Seattle WA 98107                                           




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A visual walk through some of the experiences Gage delivers through its teen art studio and art classes for young artists.
Video Description
A short profile on teaching artist Amanda Hallenius, and what inspires and motivates her about being a teacher as well as an artist. Amanda not only teachers young artists of all ages and aptitudes, but she also teaches art teachers in a special prog
Video Description
An overview of the teaching philosophies of Gage teaching artist Larine Chung.