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ArtMaranth Mobile School
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My path as Teaching Artist in the last 16 years, has brought immense satisfaction, to serve and advocate the ones, that haven’t gain access to Arts Education. Through my art programs I’d like to give every participant, the necessary tools for a competitive future: critical thinking, collaboration and communication, to start planting a seed of new possibilities. I encouraged students to value curiosity through observation and gain self-confidence. I like my students to explore a variety of mediums over and over again. After all, nothing makes me more happy than enriching a child’s inner channel of creativity. I graduated from Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City with a degree on Ceramics & Folk Art History in 2000. Every since after I moved to Seattle, the same year, I have tried many venues to promote my Artwork, to expand my knowledge as a TA , to find the time to create new pieces for a exhibit, and always looking at the thin balance line between social lifestyle, family and travel. Nature Wonders, Celebration of Cultures, Music, Social Justice, Women Empowerment, Inclusiveness are just a handful of core values applied to my classroom, my artwork and personal life.

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D. Amaranta
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4140 25th Ave. Sw
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(206) 877-2795

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3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Latin American  Culture, Dia de Muertos celebration, Mexican  Folk Arts and Crafts, Mexican Pottery
Visual Art


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Teaching Approach I believe that everyone should have access to quality Arts Education. I’ve been very fortunate to be funded by the King County and Seattle Public Library systems for many years, to offer Art Programs at no cost for elementary students and teens. Teaching Art has been, and continues to be, a road of many interactions and I have been able to bind the needs of the community and work with limited budgets, a wide range of ages, deadlines, and expectations. My perseverance and commitment to inspire young minds to pursue their dreams is what keeps me motivated as an artist as an Arts Educator. As a child living in Mexico City, I never had the opportunity to have arts education until I reached college. Twenty-five years later, I am honored to be gifting back the reflection of my heritage through my unique art programs to all students, be they immigrants, refugees, migrants, etc
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I'm very confidents working with students of Spanish speaking, since Spanish is my 1st language and also students that are new residents of Seattle.
Testimonials from Schools
Lupine Miller.  Southwest Regional Library Manager. 206-240-4943 Teresa Heberthard. @ Big Picture Middle. School Faciliator 206-719-9101 Nicole Henson. YMCA/Concord Elementrary/Program Director. 210-765-8668




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Drop in Art Class. Burien Library. 2016
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Lucha Libre Mask Making. Summer Camp Issaquah. 2017
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Nature Consortium. Earth Day Mural. Copper School.2012
Image Description
Duwamish River Festival. South Park. 2010
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