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Coyote Central
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Mission: Coyote sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their future. Vision: A world powered by curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Coyote gives young people ages 10 to 15 a safe space to try new skills and tools and to explore new identities at an age when they’re trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do in the world.  They come to trust their hands and bodies and voices and feel competent navigating their way around a kitchen or woodshop or sewing room.  They learn to embrace experimentation without fearing failure, and to apply creativity to absolutely everything they do.  They come together with other young people from different neighborhoods, races, cultures, economic backgrounds, and abilities, and collaborate with those diverse peers in a culture of mutual respect and discovery.

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2300 E. Cherry St.
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(206) 323-7276

Grade Levels Preferred

Grade Levels Preferred
3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th

Artistic Disciplines

Coyote engages middle-school youth in a wide range of visual, performing, media, and vocational arts.  Mediums that are most conducive to Creative Advantage school partnerships include: Comics - Manga | American Painting Dance - Breakdancing | Hip Hop | All Styles | Swing Dancing Singing Acting Music - Hip Hop | Electronic Music Photography - Digital | Alternative Processes Origami Printmaking Filmmaking Writing - Fiction | Poetry
Dance, Digital/Media Arts, Literary Art or Spoken Word/Performance Poetry, Music, Theater, Visual Art, Multidisciplinary


Previous School Partnerships
Rainier View Elementary (Creative Advantage) John Muir Elementary School (Boys Group - afterschool) Seattle World School (Job Readiness- afterschool) Seattle Girls School (Elective Learning- during school) Summit Sierra High school (Elective Learning- during school) International School (Spring Enrichment Program) Salmon Bay (Winter Enrichment Program) Academy for Precision Learning (Term intensives)
Other Trainings or Certifications
Creative Advantage Institute Micro- Agression - Cultures Connecting Neurodivergent Training - Academy for Precision Learning Turning Commitment into Action - Office of Arts and Culture SEL in the Classroom - Schools out Washington Restorative Justice in the Classroom - Schools out Washington Gender Identity and Expression - Internal Workshop
Sample Lesson Description: Student / Classroom Residencies
Students explore cause and effect collaboration through monotype printmaking techniques. Students will work in small teams to generate work in a round-robin production style, each team member adding something to the work of the previous artist. The monotype process is very painterly and will give students a solid understanding of layering, basic color theory, and visual texture. Each student will go home with a collaborative 8x10 layered print. Students explore linocut printmaking techniques using professional carving tools on rubber and foam. They will leave with a solid understanding of positive and negative space as well as line and shape. Each student will go home with their own custom stamp and a series of prints on paper, wood, or fabric. Youth artists will explore the concept of culture through fashion and painting. They will design symbolic imagery highlighting one of the cultures they belong to.  Imagery will be transferred to jean patches and painted. Culturally evocative embellishments, patches, and found objects will be added for expression and flair. Poets and writers will explore themes of resilience and taking care of ourselves in this thing we call life. In a fast-paced world we face personal challenges, collective obstacles, barriers, loss, and change, and sometimes it feels too big to climb over. What brings us to solid ground? Your work will be published in a classroom book. Students will explore storytelling in the Flash Fiction writing style. Each student will select visual artwork that makes them want to write.  The teaching artist will lead students through the process of writing a Flash Fiction piece about their selection. Student work will be published in a classroom book. Students create clay vessels that are relevant to family, culture, and daily life. Using clay, under glaze, slip, and scoring techniques students will learn joining, additive, and surface techniques with clay.  Examples: Urn, teapot, coffee cup, bowls, crucibles, mortar and pestle etc.  Students explore transparency and opacity while making sun prints. Students use artifacts from their own environment to document culture and a sense of place that historians and anthropologists could reference in the future as they look back at this time in history. Prints are done on both paper and fabric. Students illustrate a character profile based upon a character in a book. The profile will feature the character in full scale as well as representing their go-to emotions. Students will collect evidence from the book to help them make character decisions like color palette, objects, expressions, and style.
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Teaching Approach

Teaching Philosophy + Approach
Coyote teaching artists are professionals in creative fields who are hired because of their impressive expertise, talents, and love of their field plus their deep-down desire to share their know-how with middle school youth. They have a special ability to teach and break down sophisticated skills challenging kids in ways that pull them in, peak their curiosities, and inspire them to creative action. Our teaching philosophy is centered around problem solving, discovery, collaboration, and independent thinking. Our teachers know how to build momentum through skill building that allows young folks to discover just how much they are capable of. Coyote culture is grounded in equity, ingenuity, and collaboration. Our teaching artists know that all kids can step up to the challenge, but systemic barriers keep the playing field from being fair. They strive to find new ways to support student growth while celebrating individual strengths. Through icebreakers, partnering, planning, and reflection, our teachers establish classrooms where our richly diverse young folks have the opportunity for students to get to know one another. Our effectiveness is grounded in our teaching artists’ dedication to racial equity, social justice, gender identity, and a continued desire to learn and grow.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
History + Social Studies Math Science English + Writing Language Classes Health
Special Skills and Areas of Expertise
Testimonials from Schools
Last year Coyote Central had a partnership with Rainier View Elementary School (K-5) where the art teacher asked us to provide a teaching artist to teach drawing to each grade level for one intense week of daily 30-minute sessions. The selected theme was a connection to nature. The art teacher described the project as hugely successful: "Isabelle is doing such fine work for us at Rainier View.  She is warm and engaging and the children are doing beautiful artwork.  Here is a marvelous line drawing from a first grader - the project couldn't be better!"    


Teaching artist: $40/hour for class time plus ~5 hours prep time.


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Still life illustration from Arts in Nature at Rainier View Elementary
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Student work from a Graffiti class
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Student work from a painting class for Summit Sierra partnership
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