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Seattle Architecture Foundation
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Design shapes communities on many levels, whether we are conscious of its impact or not. Everything we touch, everything we see in the built environment is a product of the design process. SAF awakens people to these influences and increases the public’s awareness and appreciation of design in the built environment. An architecturally informed population becomes involved in exploring options and is enthusiastic about its choices. Ultimately, the shape of our communities reflects who we are and who we want to be. SAF workshops build student confidence – in communication skills, creativity, the ability to build a skyscraper out of nothing more than cardboard and hot glue in just a few hours. Our programs also demystify the world of architecture, encouraging students to view the built environment around them differently. We want our students to go out into the city and imagine designing something better.

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1010 Western Ave
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Center for Architecture & Design
(206) 667-1921

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Grade Levels Preferred
K-2, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

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Visual Art: Architecture, Sculpture
Visual Art, Multidisciplinary, Architecture


Previous School Partnerships
Seattle Public Schools Asa Mercer International Middle School Denny International Middle School McClure Middle School Thornton Creek Elementary Washington Middle School Bellevue School District International School Private Schools Open Window School The Northwest School
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Our workshops introduce students to architecture, the work of it, the science of it, and the appreciation of it. But that is only a small part of what we hope our workshops do. When working with students, we view the construction of architectural models as an artistic process. Building a 3-dimensional model is more than just a challenge of creativity, but of logic and physics. Encouraging students to work past these challenges to a finished product they are proud to share through presentation and peer review is a huge part of our work. We also want students to think critically about how the built environment and the architectural design process directly affects them and their community. Buildings are designed by teams or individuals, changed by feedback from communities and committees and the limits of physics. The design of our neighborhoods and cities informs how we move about them, the construction of our schools reflects what we learn, and the designs and architectural styles of older buildings tell important stories about our past. We hope students look upon their neighborhood, city and world with a deeper appreciation and understanding of their urban landscape.
Curriculum Integration Possibilities
Our workshops are centered in STEAM and work best with Visual Arts, Social Studies & Science curricula. Social Studies - History, Civics, and Social Sciences are natural avenues into our work. Our built environment contains the most visible artifacts of our past and clear demonstrations of political and economic forces in our lives. Our City Stories curriculum directly connects youth to these issues, and many of our workshops engage students with issues that Seattle is grappling with today – housing, climate change, and transportation. Science – Physics & Engineering are natural partners with architecture, as they are fundamental to the construction of our built environment as well as architectural models. We also have lesson plans that tie in with biology and ecology, exploring biomimetic architecture and how urban planning and architecture must  adapt to and provide solutions to climate change.
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Testimonials from Schools
Leilani Nussman Extended Learning Director The Northwest School 206.816.6211 *** William King Program Coordinator Denny International Middle School Community Learning Center Seattle Parks and Recreation 206.252.8987 *** Liz Abbott Director of Education and Leadership Hamilton International Middle School YMCA 206.252.5831


Pricing for basic 2-hour in class workshop, approximately 30 students: $200 For longer term residencies, or request for sliding scale, please contact us to determine fees.


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Students at McClure Middle School learn about their neighborhood
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An example of student work from Hamilton International Middle School
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A visitor at a Seattle Central Library even designs his dream vision of Seattle in 2035
Image Description
Northwest School summer camp students learn about the history of Seattle in the "Skid Row to Skyscrapers" tour
Image Description
An example of student work from Denny International Middle School


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Video Description
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